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Suzanne Till Dip.I.Hyp, Adv. EFT, NLP, Dip. Shiatsu & Chinese Medicine

Before working in the field of holistic therapies, Suzanne had a career in marketing in both the corporate and charity sectors.

During this time Suzanne was guided to Shiatsu by other avenues in her life and went on to complete her three years professional training in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine with the Brighton Branch of the Shiatsu College. This training included study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western anatomy, physiology and pathology.

After some time working with clients Suzanne began to notice different patterns whilst working with people and went on to expand her training with an Integrated Diploma in hypnotherapy and NLP. She then also qualified as an Advanced EFT practitioner and completed and additional

Diploma in NLP.

Suzanne has over 19 years experience and is passionate about the work

that she does. She's also committed to ongoing training and personal

development. It's more unusual to have a therapist that works on both

the mind and the body in physical form, but for Suzanne, they can't be

separated and she has gone on to develop her own unique approach.

Suzanne's sessions are based entirely around the individual and I am always

fully appreciative that everybody is different and that nobody

see's the same view out of the same window.

Acupuncture, massage, Acupressure, Myofascial Release

Leigh Till Bsc Hons, MAsc.OA, MAcS SPA,Dip Tui Na Lic 

From a background in martial arts and sports, Leigh Till developed his interest in healing and physical therapies whilst training to be a martial arts teacher, a fascination with traditional Chinese medicine was born. Leigh has studied Chinese medical theory both in the UK and China, under many top teachers, Doctors and masters. 

His studies have included:

     - Traditional Acupuncture

     - Specialised spinal acupuncture

     - Auricular acupuncture

     - Chinese medical theory and Chinese Herbalism

     - Tui Na, ( Chinese massage and Physiotherapy)

     - Qi Gong Tui Na, (Traditional Taoist healing) 

Leigh has also trained to degree level in Sports Science and worked in exercise rehabilitation. His continued professional development has involved studies in the U.K, Europe, China and Thailand, including professional training in, T.C.M, & Tui Na, Traditional Chinese Herbal therapy, Advanced Acupuncture, Sports Massage and Rehabilitation, Shiatsu, Thai massage and Patterns of Physical Transformation.

Currently, Leigh also works at the Institute of Chinese Medicine, London – where he holds clinics for
Tui Na therapy and Acupuncture, for members of the public

Leigh is an approachable and friendly therapist who aims to improve the lives of those he treats, drawing from his own experience, together with the great knowledge taught to him by his teachers.

Leigh has developed his unique approach, in which he combines the very best of Eastern and Western mind body therapy.

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